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I am working at HBCSE and my area of interest is Electronics, design and technology. Here,at Cube lab i got exposed to Art-Science- BLR. I designed a microscope from junk. I am interested in designing new useful stuff from junk and share ideas.

Here, I am sharing making of a microscope which I learnt in a workshop conducted by ART SCIENCE BLR lab, Bangalore.

Making Process


• Dismantle a web cam, and try to explore how the camera works.

• Lens is the main part and later it was figured out that to make this microscope we had to invert the lens.

• Testing of these lenses and its magnifying power involves two steps.

1. Invert the camera lens 2. Bring lens close to computer screen till it shows RGB colours.

• RGB colours which were visible were termed as RGB pixels.

• So after the inversion of lens the camera was kept aside as it was ready for installing in microscope.

Light Source

Soldering is introduced here.

• Connecting of any two wires, devices, electronics part is done by soldering.

• First soldering was done on a battery holder by connecting two wires.

• A led with a switch connected to it was the required light source.

• Led and battery will then be connected to the microscope which will be the light source.

Design or the Model for Microscope

• The instructors did not mention any thing about the design part.

• You have the freedom to design your own microscope using any mechanism.

• Field Trip was planned for the same.

• HBCSE campus was the field and we had to find the junk which could be made useful in building our microscope.

• The model design depends on you.