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The 3D printer which is available in Art Science BLR is a FabX The printer has two sources by which you can give it the command to print the object that are the

- USB 2.0 A/B and

- SD card

Make sure that there is no data on the SD card because you need to format the card in order to use it with the printer.

Once you are done designing the model in any of the 3D modelling softwares such as Sketchup, Blender, Maya, Catia, AutoCAD, Fusion 360 etc etc. Then you need to export the file as STL format. One pointer - sketchup can export the .skp file in .stl format using ht following PLUGIN For the above 3D printer you can use Cura version 15.04.6.

Settings for Cura version 15.04.6

In the basic tab

print speed (mm/s) = 50

Bed Size 150mm * 150mm * 150mm

Printing temperature (C) = 210

Filament diameter depends on the filament that you will be using

Nozzle size (mm) = 0.4

Material = PLA

Layer Height = 0.1mm

Shell Thickness = 0.8mm

Enable Retraction = activate

Fill settings

Bottom/top thickness = 0.6 mm

Fill Density percentage = 20

Speed = mm/s = 40

Print Temp = 210C

Bed Temp = 70C


Support Type = none

Platform Adehsion type = BRIM


Diameter = 1.75mm

Flow Percentage = 100


Nozzle size = 0.4 mm

In the Advanced

Speed = you will have to experiment with the speed and the temperature of the bed and temperature of the nozzle in order to get the desired print. Faster the speed less the quality of the print.

You might have to adjust the height of the bed, click here to know how to calibrate 3D printer

Written by Suvansh Bohra