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Shristi Jha' I am a student of Srishti Institute of Arts, Design and Technology. Sensors,Probes and Detectors was my first choice because it was the first time I was working with electronics and digital stuff. Not only is it fun and exciting but a great learning experience too. And eventually the LED shone on all of us.

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It was the best thing ever. And it made me think that working with electronics is not that difficult after all. You just have to figure thing out.

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Trip to S.P Road It was a lot of fun visiting S.P Road.You were surrounded with a whole lot of electronics, some known and most of them unknown. Going ourselves and buying the materials really made a lot of difference. You are more careful when you are paying yourself for something. Thus all of us were keen on knowing on what we were buying. So we were keeping a track of what the shopkeeper was giving us. It took us a while figuring everything out, but the wait was worth it. While some people left, I was one of the few who survived the wait. we were there till late so we could see more of the market and the variety that the place offered. Also we could see the difference between day and night and the respective sale. private owners mostly came in the evening while the common vendors at night. The shopkeeper even offered us sugarcane juice which was very sweet on his part.

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First Sensor This was the first time we as a group made a sensor. And we decided to make a safety system. So the buzzer would start buzzing once you open the door.

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Lemon Battery We made a battery out of lemons using galvanized nails and cooper wires. I realised that their is energy stored in evevrything, you just need to find a way to extract it. Not wanting to sound very metaphorical , but it applies to life too!

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I felt that it is the most important thing in a circuit. Its like the ringmaster in a circus.

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These are really very useful and comes as the rain in the desert to your rescue.

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Best sensor ever according to me. I really felt the craziest and awesomest of thing that I can with it.

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This was something I was waiting for long. I wanted to make my own speaker. Initially I was thinking of buying one, but now I can proudly can that I can make it!

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basic code

void setup() {

 // put your setup code here, to run once:

Serial.begin(9600); pinMode(13,OUTPUT); int i; }

void loop() {

 // put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

int i = analogRead (A0); Serial.println(i); if (i>=500)digitalWrite(13,LOW); if (i<=500)digitalWrite(13,HIGH); }

Arduino+LDR This truly made me realise the importance and power of an arduino. It can truly work wonders. I realised that we can use it in any way and in any project we want to.

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Amplifier Able to control the sound felt really cool. The sound made me feel like a crazy scientist trying to experiment on whatever he or she could catch. Overall it was fun.

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Making the toy was too much fun. It involved a lot of research and net surfing for references and exploration. I decided to work on a car model made out of bamboo. it had LDR which responded to touch as in someone trying to pet the toy. it would respond with something which looked like it was blinkibg. Also it had a fan and a motor attached to its back which was basically how an F1 model looks like. it has a fan which helps it speedup and also keeps the car cool.

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diode and capacitor This time we worked with diodes and capacitors which was very new to me as I had no prior experience working with it.


Magic This time we had to work in a group. So we decided to make a lamp, something like that of aladdin's. It had a proximity sensor attached to it. it was attached to a fan and a motor which was turned on as soon as someone would bring his or her hand closer to it. we placed some thermocol pieces inside which used to start popping out of it. It appeared as magic. It was amazing to watch all the other projects too.

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Over all this course has been an amazing experience. Too much of learning with too much of fun. Now I can proudly say that I will definitely use electronics in whatever way I can. and the patience and hard work was worth it. I realised that sometimes things can go wrong sometimes but eventually it you never give up, you will definitely succeed.