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On the way to Vishal Electronics. When i first saw the list i thought to myself " great what fresh hell is this..." because the list was soo long and was wondering what are we going to make ?? A rollar coaster ?!File:Sensors3.jpg But when Mr Yashas said that the bill woudnt come up to so much so i guess i was abit cooled down after that.File:Sensors2.jpg Dhruv, Saurav, Vikram and I decided to go together so waited for our ola cab to come until then we googled the stores location. Yelahanka being Yelahanka, at the most uncommon times there were traffic. Half an hour later we reached our destination, we were the first ones there, walking down the street there were shops everywhere !File:Sensors1.jpg This place had everything ! Like if you wanted to build a Starship Enterprize i bet you could find the parts here. But soon to our discovery we found that the near by atm wasnt working.... hallf an hour later we had walked one kilometer in a circle and visited 8 other atm which also wernt working or wernt there. At last we spotted the Andra Bank Atm, walkig back to the store we saw that it was more crowded than before and also some of our peers were already there.File:Sensors15.jpg After minutes of waiting we decided to give in our orders as a bunch, given all our money to one of us and told them to collect it while we buggered of.

We Learnt about the bread board,, battery, light and resistor on the first day.File:Sensors16.jpg File:Sensors18.jpg

Learning about LDR and controlling the the birightness of light by a switch.

Connecting an amp to our bread board.File:Sensors17.jpg

Controlling the sound on and amp by the help of our LDR, this was actually pretty cool. One day im gonna make a music system just by moving by hands above it. link title

Using and LM386 and amp and a male audio jack I was playing music connected from my phone.

Teachers had shown us our a copper board with various resistors and capacitors etc added to it for us to make our music system and design it.File:Sensors11.jpg

Learning Arduino. Im not particularly smart when it comes to sciences and computers and coding. So it took some time for me to catch up and learn with rest of the class.File:Sensors9.jpg

Programmed my Arduino to light up by using the LDR File:Sensors10.jpg

Made my toy. Could have done a better job i guess. But this little guy spins in a circle. One day when i become and inventor i will look back at this creation which motivated me to do better. File:Sensors7.jpg

My speaker is copied after the 90's boombox. File:Sensors6.jpg link title

Controlling my servo motor via the arduino to turn 180 degrees and back like a clock. File:Sensors19.jpg link title

Our final project. Like a Big Logo turtal machine which draws by programming it through the arduino. File:DSC 2792.jpg