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Making our first robot

Making my first robot. When you are told to make your first robot and you have no clue what is going to happen next is the time i am going to miss the most. Figuring out the positive and negative's of battery was fun while making the robot and even figuring out the circuit diagram was difficult. But again it was fun because we were learning while making it, and the infinite possibilities of things one can do with sensors was something that was running on in my mind!

Trip to SP Road


The trip to SP Road was another experience i enjoyed a lot. It did put up another side of Bengaluru in front of me. I was amazed to see so many shops selling the same things in one place and that to compact. And more than that figuring out the way to the electrical shop we had to go and then figuring out what is a resistor and what does a capacitor looks like. The trip was worth the pain.

Introduction to components

As i was a commerce student, i had no clue about any of the components and how they work, so it was a very new and exciting experience for me. And moreover all the components are visually so appealing, that i couldn't wait for getting my hand on them.

Making our own switch


Fixed resistors


Variable resistors


Capacitors, diodes & transistors



Making the amplifier was a lot of work and fun too, the working of LM386 also became clear while making the amplifier.


Making this toy took in a lot of work and during the process of making it i learnt how to simplify things.