Human Plant Interfaces

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Human Plant Interfaces

"Same Old Story"

Born to open for Mankind nature's door A life known by a few

And those who knew that shared Their knowledge fewer cared About what plants could do

For most felt it was mad to conceive That plants thought, felt, and moved quite like we But with instruments Bose would devise Would take Science itself by a surprise, so

On we go to where who knows To a place where there's still non-believers What will it take for heaven sakes For those who find what's real too hard to believe in It's that same old story again. -Stevie wonder


Resistive Approach

Resistive Touch using Arduino

Resistive circuit.png

Capacitance Approach

Using Instrumentation Amplifiers to Amplify the Signal AD620 Datasheet

Ad620 Plant amplifier.png



Plant Sensing and Communication-Richard Karban


Day of the triffids-John Wyndham