HackteriaLAB 2013 in Bangalore

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HackteriaLAB 2013 was an international festival for artsciences and was hosted jointly by SRISHTI and NCBS. The highly regarded festival was attended by artists, scientists and engineers from India, Indonesia, Nepal, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United States. HackteriaLab 2013 hosted scientists who work on cell evolution, biomechanics, insect flight, toxins, stem cells, muscles, bacteria, crickets, plant biology and butterflies; makers, hackers,activists and educators who work on DIY instruments, 3D-printing, low-cost sensors and playful electronics; and artists who practice sculpture, video art, performance, experimental film, installation, design, sound art and bioart.

Within the framework of “Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art” the HackteriaLab’s immersive format played a key role in experimentation and the development of new models for knowledge sharing and collaboration building, in the emergent artistic practices related to biology and in science in general, as well as hacktivists and educators exploring citizen science, DIY bio, DIWO (Do-it-with-others) and public participation in the life sciences

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