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Radio Q

Build your own D.I.Y Radio Station (ArtScienceBengaluru/The Indian Sonic Research Organisation)

The Radio Quarantine Station

Dates: August 17 - September 04 2020 Timings: Mon,Wed,Fri 11.30 a.m -1 p.m

WHERE? Use this Link to join the classroom


About this workshop

In the month of August you will run the Radio Quarantine Station.

Radio Quarantine ran during the first half of the lockdown in March 2020. During its brief existence, we interviewed scientists, artists, activists and historians, besides also running a regular program of music from around the world. More information here: ArtScienceBLR Radio Station

You will conceive programs, develop and run the radio station. Your responsibilities will include producing programs, interviewing guests and curating shows. You will learn and experience how to develop shows, produce content and execute the show.

You will need basic knowledge of Audio Software and Digital Audio Workstations.

There will also be Masterclasses by visiting experts.

Resource People

Umashankar Manthravadi

Savita VijayKumar

Dinesh T.B and Janastu

Arun Kumar

Sudipto Sanyal(Radio Quarantine Kolkata)


Radio Quarantine

Alternate Radio


99% Invisible - Serial -

Resources Software




Internet Radio Stations for Music






Academic Papers

Using web radio as a pedagogical tool: skills development and collaborative learning

Radios in the Classroom: Curriculum Integration and Communication Skills. ERIC Digest.

Interactive radio in the classroom: ten years of proven success

Learning through radio and television in the time of COVID-19


  • Archit Joshua Balraj I am a Bangalore based digital filmaker and student at Srishti Institute. I make films exploring textural links between the visual and aural in my work.
  • Lisha Thimmaiah Information Arts and Information Design Practices Major I am from Bangalore I like painting and sketching in my free time.
  • Tavishi Bhardwaj Creative and Applied Computation Major I have moved around India since my dad is in the Airforce.
  • Sudhanshu Rai Industrial Design Student-Product Design I am from Mumbai I am a Photographer who has experience in working with the advertising industry and yes I like to document my travel a lot, and this is something which I'm missing during lockdown:)
  • Vipra Bhargava Creative and applied computation. I'm from Delhi and i'm mostly intrested in story telling through Illustrations.
  • Stuti Sen 3rd year Visual Communication student
  • Devansh Pawan Information Arts and Information Design Practices Being an aspiring Information Designer, I have a strong passion for transforming information into meaningful stories, irrespective of its final form or medium. I am a curious person by nature and always up for learning new things.
  • Atharva Rane I am from Pune interested in Game designing and playing games. I also try 3d modelling and messing with music and audio production.
  • Kavinn Shanmugam I'm a 3rd year student of creative and applied computation but have equal interest and curiosity towards Visual Communication. I like to play with color palattes and minimalistic visual representation. I'm exicted to work on this apprenticeship.
  • Damini Yadav I am a Contemporary Art Practices Major I am from Malawi
  • Tanay Ashutosh Sathe Industrial product designer - in training Currently starting third year Quarantine rules apply

Day01 Monday 17/08/2020

Today was a meet and greet session. Everybody got to know each other. We had a small little discussion about how each one of us was feeling. some of us were frustrated with the lockdown and others were happy and inspired. Some insightful talks on How developing local awareness leads to real development of a society and what role Open Source softwares have in it. Making knowledge, services and products Affordable, Available an Accessible to massesis the main goal of Open source softwares. We also understood how Radio is a great way of making technology and growing conciousness for it, accessible and affordable for the needy, cuz in the end everything we uses Radio Waves as a medium of communication. Communication is the key to development.

links from today

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