Turbidity meter

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This is a simple Turbidity meter with a Light Dependent Resistor and a Laser

Turbidity 1.jpg

Materials needed -

1. LDR

2. Laser Pointer

3. 33k Resistor

3. Dark tube/Box (We used a black pvc pipe)

4. Arduino + usb cable

5. Wires

6. test tubes

Tools -

1. Soldering Iron + Solder

2. Glue Gun

3. wire cutter/stripper

1. Connect one leg of the LDR ground on the arduino . The other leg of the LDR will go to analog input 0 (Any of the analog inputs can be used.

2. Connect one leg of the resistor to +5V on the arduino. The other leg of the resistor will go to the same analog input as the LDR (A0 in this case). This forms a potential divider.