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Ecstatic Electronics


An introductory course to electronics offred at Srishti. Students engaged with basic electronic components to make simple noise synths and amps.

DIY Microscopy Workshop for Teachers-(Art)ScienceBLR Lab


DIY Microscopy workshop for Teachers from CERTAD. The workshop includes a walk to the Puttenhalli Lake, GPS tagging, water sample collection.We will also introduce to the Diatom Extraction process.

Hackterialab 2014, Yogyakarta

H lab 120 X 120.jpg

(Art)ScienceBLR at HacteriaLAB2014

I Sing The Body Electric

Smart textiles.jpg

Course offered at Srishti which offered students an opportunity to work with smart textiles

Visual Chemistry @ (Art)ScienceBLR

Visual chemistry.jpg

Workshop for building pinhole cameras and camera obscura with students and teachers. Images are made on analog and pre-analog mediums.

Exhibition/Workshop/Talks at the Science Gallery in Dublin

Sg dublin.jpg

Work done by artists and students at (Art)ScienceBLR was exhibitied as a part of Science Gallery Dublin's exhibition Grow Your Own. Grow your own was an exhibition of different approaches towards synthetic biology.

HackteriaLAB 2013 in Bangalore


HackteriaLAB 2013 was an international festival for artsciences and was hosted jointly by SRISHTI and NCBS. The highly regarded festival was attended by artists, scientists and engineers from India, Indonesia, Nepal, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United States

Science for Poets class at Srishti

Science for poets.jpg

Science for poets; class at Srishti