Circular chromatography

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This is the recommended protocol from the page of BIO-DYNAMIC ASSOCIATION OF INDIA


Step by Step

  1. A circular filter paper (Whatman #1) with a cylindrical paper wick sitting in a 0.5% solution of silver nitrate is allowed to absorb the solution, which spreads by capillary action, to a certain diameter.
  2. The wick is removed and the paper is dried.
  3. Meanwhile, the substance to be tested is mixed with a 0.1 to 1% solution of sodium hydroxide and let stand for a period of time.
  4. The prepared filter paper is then allowed to absorb this solution and the substance spreads over the paper.
  5. When it has spread to a certain distance, the wick is removed and the paper dried. The paper is then exposed to indirect sunlight to let the image develop.


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