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Workshop Introduction

The 5 day workshop contains a gentle introduction, hands-on exercises and gives time for individuals or groups to compose and create pieces of music/sound art with a 32 channel 3 D Sound System. 3D audio is a technology for reproduction of audio in space, adding the vertical dimension and higher resolution to usual surround sound. The natural dynamics of sound in space can be imitated and immersive life-like listening experiences can be created.

The workshop is open to artists interested in performance, composition, installation and the technical aspects of immersive and spatial audio. The projects will be performed at the final public concert on 29 of October (location TBA). The workshop is ideal for musicians, DJs, composers, theatre directors, producers, artists, audio engineers and programmers. No previous knowledge in 3D audio required.

Workshop Logistics



Getting Here Bus Routes:

G9(from Shivajinagar)

You can take the Srishti Bus from Mekhri Circle at 8:15 a.m

You can download the Bus Schedule here -File:Srishtbusroute201718.pdf


Day​ ​1 23 Oct 2017 - Introduction to 3D audio

10:00 A.M : Introductions

10:30 A.M:

Mr. Umashankar

- Ambisonic Recording/Capturing Space with Sound .

- Introduction to Ambisonics

- History of Sound+Space.

- Recording Space.

- Listening to Brahma

1:00: Lunch

2:00: Recording Session

Day​ ​2 24 Oct 2017


- training in the relevant technical aspects of 3D audio speaker setups, such as 3D audio rendering systems, object based / channel based audio, signal flow and signal transformation

- Overview and D.I.Y Construction of a 3D sound system by Felix Deufel

- project pitch of each group / individual

- planning of the individual production timeslots for each project

- hands-on exercises that will familiarize the participants with working with sound in space

- Wiring an Amplifier to the Sound System.

- listening to examples.

- Ideas for Work

Day​ ​3 25 Oct 2017

- introduction MAX/MSP and Pure Data, remote control 3D audio by Yashas

- OSC in Pure Data and MAX/MSP

- individual and intense production timeslots for each project, supervised and assisted by the hosts

Day​ ​4 26 Oct 2017

- individual and intense production timeslots for each project, supervised and assisted by the hosts

Day​ ​5 27 Oct 2017

- individual and intense production timeslots for each project, supervised and assisted by the hosts

Day​ ​6 28/29 Oct 2017*

- Final rehearsal and final event – public presentation of the projects


Roshan Sahi

Roshan00lres.jpg Roshan01lres.jpg

Does Sound create Shadows?

- Difference between Light and Sound(mostly wavelength)

- How is it possible to create a sense of infinity in sound? what can be the elements i.e. texture? volume? tonality? variation?

- How to create dimensions in sound? i.e. can you create a cubist sound? . . . like breaking up a cube into multi dimensions?

- we know sound to be a physical entity . . . and yet the way we hear sounds has a dimension in our experience that is also ephemeral - does this mean that sound too has a metaphysical character that can work with our imagination in an imaginary way? beyond the material reality of sound?


Reaper Digital Audio Workstation (https://www.reaper.fm/)

ambiX v0.2.7 – Ambisonic plug-in suite by Matthias Kronlachner (http://www.matthiaskronlachner.com/?p=2015)


Pure Data (https://puredata.info/downloads)

References and Books

What's wrong with Quadrophonics? ‘Surround-sound psychoacoustics’

Acknowldegments & Support

Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

Goethe-Institut-Bangalore, Bangalore Residency Program

The Indian Sonic Research Organisation

Wisp Kollektiv

speacial thanks to Michael Romanov for Ambisonic Decoder support