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ArtScienceBLR is a public laboratory at the Srishti School of Art,Design and Technology for artists and designers to engage with scientific practices.We look at the artistic, social and political implications of technologies from computing to biotechnologies. Our work exists at the intersection of art-science and pedagogy, creating spaces of dialogue and interaction between artists, designers and scientists. Since our inception in 2009 we have focused on using DIY techniques to build low-cost laboratory equipment, so as to offer more accessible forms of engagement with the life-sciences. Work done by Artists and Researchers at ArtScienceBLR has won critical acclaim at places such as ArsElectronica, M.I.T and Harvard. We also run a community electronics and BioLab which encourages students and outsiders to make/hack and prototype. .


  • National Center For Biological Sciences
  • SAP research LABS
  • Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
  • LifePatch, Indonesia
  • Hackteria.org